Burnout check list

Make a note of any item that describes you or your job:

  1. This job is costing me too much emotionally
  2. These days I treat people as things rather than people
  3. I find it hard to sympathise with people these days
  4. When I go home at the end of the day I have nothing left to give
  5. This job has made me hard and unfeeling
  6. I'm not doing such a good job as I used to
  7. I can't face another day at this job
  8. I don't seem to care about people like I used to
  9. My job is very frustrating
  10. It's best to avoid getting too involved with people's problems
  11. I no longer see my job as a useful one
  12. I have to work much too hard in this job
  13. Some people ask for trouble
  14. I don't feel what I do has much effect
  15. Having to work with people all the time is an emotional strain
  16. Lately I don't worry what becomes of anybody
  17. I feel uninterested in my job
  18. Increasingly I find people irritating
  19. People and problems are a constant strain
  20. Sometimes I feel people hold me responsible for their problems
  21. I no longer get satisfaction from working directly with people
  22. I'm just about at the end of my tether
  23. My work accomplishes little
  24. The way I have treated some people worries me